The image came courtesy of @evleaks, the source of countless confirmed leaks, who posted the above picture with the caption “NVIDIA Shield Tablet, 2014”. While @evleaks wasn’t able to confirm any specs, NVIDA has its new Tegra K1 mobile CPU going for it, which will undoubtedly make an appearance under the surface.

On the tablet’s face we see a front-facing camera and stereo speakers running the length of either side of the screen, where we see a look at the alleged tablet’s OS.

The interface is undeniably similar to the Shield interface, featuring the NVIDIA colour scheme and what looks like a glance at the Shield store. There’s a slide-out menu with the options Shop, News, My Android Games, My PC Games, Search and Settings, all of which make a grouped debut in the previous tablet’s OS. The Shield store is sorted into 5 categories from what we can see, Apps, Controller enabled games, Most Popular, All Games and Action.

All of which, of course, we’ve seen on the NVIDIA Shield and Shield tablet.

Back in May we heard reports of a gaming tablet from NVIDIA with a design in the vein of the Tegra Note, bearing a 7.9 inch 2048 x 1536 display and the Tegra K1 chip. Is this that device?

All we can do now is sit back and wait for a response from NVIDIA.

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