Bioware has finally released the full line up of multiplayer characters for its forthcoming title, Dragon Age: Inquisition. There will be twelve different characters available at launch, four per each of the different class types: warrior, rogue, and mage. However, different characters of the same class type can have entirely different play styles. The official Dragon Age twitter account has been revealing the characters over the last few days.

The full list of characters are: The Archer, The Assassin, The Elementalist, The Legionnaire, The Keeper, The Reaver, The Arcane Warrior, The Katari, The Hunter, The Necromancer, The Alchemist, and the Templar. All of the character portraits can be seen in the gallery below.


Bioware plans to add more multiplayer characters after launch; the level cap on the release of the game will be level 20. However, once your character hits 20 you can promote them to give them extra attribute points, promoting characters also gives you more prestige points in the multiplayer leaderboards. Certain characters will be unlocked as part of the special multiplayer crafting system, which shares some of the single player crafting recipes, but with some recipes exclusive to the multiplayer mode. Crafting a class specific armour set can unlock that class type:

If you craft a set of Alchemist Armor, you unlock that character, who can then open up a lot of possibilities on MP missions. You can also craft new armors for characters you already own. They will give your character a new special look but no extra stats.

Bioware announced the other day that Dragon Age: Inquisition would be the first in the Dragon Age franchise to feature multiplayer. The multiplayer will consist of four-player cooperative quests, entirely separate from the single-player open-world story. Multiplayer will not affect the outcome of your single player campaign, neither will there be multiplayer specific achievements or trophies. Bioware has stated that the multiplayer is meant to add to the experience, not detract anything from those who wish to choose to only play the single player, “We simply want to give our fans the chance to play with their friends for the first time in the Dragon Age universe”. As such, items will not be transferable between single player and multiplayer as Bioware wants to keep the two separate, encouraging progression in both simultaneously: “We wanted to make sure that the two economies are separate, which will allow a stronger progression in both SP and MP“.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton releases on November 18, 2014 in America, followed by it’s European release of November 21, 2014.