Strife enters Open Beta

Opening the Plains of Strife to all


Second generation MOBA Strife is entering the Open Beta phase of testing, effective immediately.

Developed by S2 Games, maker of early genre hit Heroes of NewerthStrife seeks to offer an accessible experience without the toxicity that has perhaps put new players off other MOBAs.

Along with the move into the Open Beta phase, S2 has made a host of changes to the game, adding new features such as improved matchmaking, new heroes, and enhanced graphics and optimisation. Check out a full list, as well as other important details, right here.

Unfortunately, all player accounts have been wiped so it’s back to square one, though Closed Beta players will be given a special account icon based on their level pre-wipe, and will also be given a special quest to gain 100 gems.

If you’re interested in taking part in Strife‘s Open Beta, you can sign up here for instant access. No word as yet on when we might be seeing a full release, though this is a step in the right direction.