Yesterday, Moon Hunters joined the ranks of Kickstarter; created by KitfoxGames, this mythology building, action-RPG for up to 4 players, takes place in an ancient, occult world. With the help of their fellow hunters, the player takes on the role of a hero who must search for the missing moon, the source of life and goodness in the world that all tribes worship. The game is randomly generated, offering a unique game play experience for each player, although some elements remain as constants. Players must build up their tribe to epic proportions; each deed will become legend within the tribe’s history, depending on their actions heroes will be remembered differently. Benevolent, a trickster, or something else? Actions you take will matter, your tribe will remember what you have done to help them; how do you want your tribe to remember you?

Square Enix was quick to support Moon Hunters, after it was submitted to the Square Enix Collective; a project in which indie teams can find a wider audience for their games. The game isn’t actually receiving funding support from Square Enix, instead, Moon Hunters receives promotional support from the gaming giant. The aim of the Collective is to help small developer teams self-publish by having access to Square Enix’s publishing business and helping indies to promote their games. Square Enix wants to find new talent within the industry and aid new game ideas in reaching a wider audience. Moon Hunters is one of the first games to benefit from the Collective. In the Collective, if the developer accepts Square Enix’s offer of continued support through crowd funding, Square Enix then receives 5% of the crowd funds received if the campaign is successful. Square Enix has no right to any further fees, or to the actual IP, neither is the developer tied to working with Square Enix once the campaign has concluded. If the crowd funding campaign is unsuccessful, Square Enix does not charge the 5% fee. Here is the full Collective team assessment of Moon Hunters.

We’re really proud to be supporting Kitfox through their Kickstarter for Moon Hunters. They’re a great team, and we really believe they have a very promising future ahead of them

Phil Elliott, Collective project lead 

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Personally, it appears the Collective project is working; Moon Hunters is only on its second day and has already reached $18,661 of its $45,000 goal. Not to mention, it was because of Square Enix’s publicity that I was introduced to the game this early on in its Kickstarter campaign. It didn’t take me long to decide that Moon Hunters was a game definitely worth backing, I can’t wait to start playing it and start creating my own mythology. I really hope the team manages to deliver on all of the interesting looking content and ideas they have planned for Moon Hunters, as the pitch for the game seems pretty impressive to me.

Kitfox Games hope to launch the game in summer 2015, it already has permission to release the game via Steam due to its previous success with Shattered Planet. If you want to read more about Moon Hunters or support the game, head on over to its official Kickstarter page.


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