Final Fantasy XIV is celebrating its one year anniversary since it was “reborn”. As part of the festivities, a host of events and competitions will be making their way to Eorzea so that adventurers can celebrate in style. New items will be up for grabs, as well as opportunities to acquire event items that you may have missed out on in the past year. Wind-up Shantotto and Wind-up Brickman minions, anyone? Old events are returning to Eorzea, where players will be given a second chance to collect exclusive in-game items.

The Eorzean Census will be coming soon, enabling players to see just how much the game has changed in the past year. Also, be sure to check out the awesome Anniversary Illustration Countdown, every day until the anniversary date, the wonderful art team of A Realm Reborn will be posting a new illustration for fans to enjoy.

There is so much to see and do for the one year anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn you won’t want to miss a thing. Luckily, we have you covered! See below for a list of the events and competitions taking place.

Event: Competition

Square Enix is currently taking submissions for its One Year Anniversary Movie Contest, you can find out more about how to enter over on the official forum. The deadline for submissions is August 12, 2014.

Event: Competition

As part of the anniversary event, in mid-August entries will be accepted for “Casting Call for Eaorzean Talent“, where you can see a character of your own creation appear in-game.

Event: Moonfire Faire

Rather fittingly, as it was the first event for A Realm Reborn – the Moonfire Faire Special Edition is the first in-game event to kick-start the anniversary celebrations. I’m sure you’ve all worn out your summer swimsuit rewards from last year, so this year you can look forward to obtaining 3 different yukatas by completing the event. Successful adventurers will also be given some fireworks to help them celebrate, and as well as that they get (my personal favourite) a new emote – the “Bomb Dance”. Is it better than the fan favourite /mandervilledance? Time will tell!

There are also a selection of items available to purchase from Moonfire Faire vendors such as a new swimsuit outfit and another yukata.

The event takes place between August 14 and September 8, 2014.

Event: Competition

A special Moonfire Faire Screenshot Contest will run from August 14 and September 10, 2014.


Event: Tales from the Calamity

A new five-part series titles Tales from the Calamity will be released. Other details remain unconfirmed.

The event takes place between August 15 and September 12, 2014.

Event: Final Fantasy XI Burgeoning Dread

Ohohohohohoho! This Final Fantasy XI themed event occurred in Eorzea at the beginning of the year, adventurers who took part were rewarded with the absolutely adorable Wind-up Shantotto minion. If you missed out the first time around, don’t worry! It won’t be long before you get your chance to take on Shantotto!

The event will take place between August 19 and August 29, 2014.


Event: Free login campaign

The free login campaign is only available for people who have previously registered a Final Fantasy XIV account that is currently deactivated. If you need to re-download the game client, then you can find it here on the official site.

The event will take place between August 22 and September 1, 2014.

Event: Messages from the developers

The event starts from August 27, 2014 with updates to be scheduled daily.

Event: The Rising

Beginning on the actual date of the A Realm Reborn anniversary, The Rising will reward participants with a /huzzah emote! There will also be a special Rising Vendor NPC in Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks where players can purchase commemorative gifts available while the event lasts.

Available items will be: Realm Reborn Red, Magicked Prism (Meteor Survivor), Wind-up Minfilia, and Wind-up Thancred. Oh yes -more minions!

The event will take place between August 27 and September 8, 2014.


Event: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Returning for the third time, Lightning will be appearing in Eorzea once more to enlist your help in battle. This special event took place when Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns launched in Japan, then once again when it launched in the west. The event chapters were staggered over time and those who completed the event could gain a myriad of Final Fantasy XIII weapons and garments. Perfect for glamouring. It looks like this time around, the next chapters will unlock immediately after the completion of the previous chapter.

The event will take place between September 1 and September 10, 2014.

FFXIVlight (1)

Event: Dragon Quest X Breaking Brick Mountains

The golems are back in this special Dragon Quest themed event. The original event rewarded adventurers with the Thug’s Mug helm and the tiny incarnation of the Wind-up Brickman minion. This could be the chance to tick one more minion off of your minion hunting list!

The event will take place between September 14 and September 23, 2014.


If you think you couldn’t possibly celebrate the anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in any other way, you’d be wrong! Square Enix is attending the following forthcoming events; Gamescom 2014 August 13 – August 17, PAX Prime 2014 August 29 – September 1 and finally, Tokyo Game Show 2014 September 18 – September 21. We hope to hear some fantastic news being released at these events, so stay tuned!

For more information about the anniversary celebrations, head over to the official anniversary website.