Straight from the ‘How to Lose Friends and Aggravate People’ playbook, originally authored by the fine folk at FOX, the entertainment giant made a bad situation worse yesterday by punishing gamers who shared footage of the new Family Guy mobile game which the company accidentally released prematurely the New Zealand app store.

One user, Hans Kaosu, was particularly hard-hit, first receiving a comment on his iOS gameplay video, before receiving a copyright claim blocking it entirely and restricting his use of the service:

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The YouTube incident wasn’t the end of matters for Hans either, he later experienced issues logging in to his Twitch account, where he had previously shown the game, to find that his channel was no more:

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We can’t really summarise the situation any better than Kaosu did on Twitter:

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To be clear: FOX released the game to the New Zealand app store in the normal way, albeit prematurely. Hans didn’t have to tweak, hack or side-load the game to get access, he did what any other user of the service would. We’ve no idea if the game is any good, although at this stage it’s almost irrelevant, but to the casual onlooker it might appear that the company realises they have a stinker on their hands, and don’t want opinion getting out before they’ve had the chance to fleece a handful of users.

Suffice to say, we probably won’t be going out of our way to try the game once it does officially arrive.