When Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street announced that he was leaving Blizzard, he was surprisingly reluctant to give any indication as to who his new employer would be. The lack of answers set the internet rumor mill alight with speculation. Some wondered if he was going to pop up at Carbine, working on WildStar, while others were mulling over the prospect that he had joined a startup to work on some form of next-gen MMO title.

It turns out the reality isn’t anywhere near as exciting, although it might be a tad more controversial. Greg updated his LinkedIn profile recently to reflect his new role and employer – as Lead Game Designer over at Riot, the folk behind League of Legends.

Greg has tweeted once on the discovery and obviously appreciates how certain folk might feel about the decision:


Thank you for all the recent tweets, but I think the appropriate thing for me to do is lie low for awhile. I won’t vanish forever. Cheers.

Ghostcrawler worked as Lead Systems Designer on World of Warcraft for five years and was instrumental in many of the game system changes which have made Warcraft what it is today. He was also one of the first senior Blizzard staffers to really engage using social media, gaining some 70,000 followers, discussing topics in 140 characters that proved to be much more informative than the typical ‘blue post’ walls of text. 

Before Christmas, Greg posted the below to describe perceptions of his role at Blizzard:

A colleague summarizes my job: “You make changes. Therefore you make changes I don’t like. Therefore I don’t like you.”

We wish him luck at Riot, where player toxicity has become such a big problem they’ve a team working specifically to combat the problem.