Rain World takes to Kickstarter

Hunt, hide and survive


Set in “an abandoned industrial environment scourged by a shattered eco-system”, Rain World follows the story of a nomadic slugcat, hunting for food, while trying to avoid becoming dinner for the larger predators, who lurk in the wasteland that he calls home. Slugcat is an agile critter who likes to spend his time divided between world exploration, and fighting off other craetures with whatever comes to hand. His only goal  in life is to hunt enough food to hibernate again.

Slugcat fought valiantly, but was eventually outnumbered

In addition to the main story, the game includes co-op and 4-player competitive modes, such as deathmatch, endurance, waves and custom challenges.

The game is being developed by a two man team,  Joar Jakobsson and James Primate. They’ve been working on the game for three years already and the project is well into alpha, with a game engine, AI, art assets, many levels and musical score all in varying degrees of completion. This Kickstarter is more to help them cross the finish line, than develop the title from scratch, hence they’re only asking for $25k. The money is going to spent on a mixture of hardware, licensing, testing and manpower – they need to hire a C++ developer to complete certain aspects.

There’s a huge thread over at TIGsource outlining their work thus far, seriously, it’s 67 pages long.

Oh and there’s also a sample of the score:

The project has already raised $4,167, with three backers putting $200 in to the pot. Rain World is being developed for PC and Mac and is also on Greenlight.

The nimble slugcat shimmies, climbs and leaps his way to victory