With the beta in full swing and every day edging closer to the March 25th release date, Blizzard has begun sharing information on how and when players will be able to preload the new patch and accompanying expansion.

In a post to the US forums, Community Manager Lylirra has confirmed that clients will begin background downloading patch 2.0.1 later this month. The update is expected to roll out in advance of the expansion to give players opportunity to acclimatise to the changes, although logically this can’t arrive any sooner than March 18th, when the real money and gold auction houses are scheduled to close for good. That leaves a week, at best, between 2.0.1 and the start of Chapter V.

If you’re already using the new launcher, everything will happen automatically. Those still using the classic launcher probably want to make sure they’ve everything configured correctly, to avoid being caught out on the big day.