Hysterical Madden glitch pays homage to the little guy


Dream big

Have you ever been told that you’re just not good enough? Too tall, too fat, too stupid? Well, let our friend Christian Kirksey serve as testament that even the littlest of beings can have giant aspirations. Well, at least in Madden 15.

Several users have been reporting an interesting glitch in Ultimate Team mode, in which Tennessee Titans rookie Kirksey emerges as a rather combative 1-ft-something line-backer. Not being all that conversant with American Football I did a quick search, and it turns out that – contrary to the game’s data – he isn’t actually a borrower.


Thanks to YouTuber Shake4ndBake, the heart-warming underdog story is available for the world to enjoy. The playable Kirksey does a reasonably admirable job of avoiding being trampled on, in addition to making a critical tackle. Towards the end of the video, the diminutive hero also makes quite an impressive leap to high five his regular-sized teammate.

The real Christian Kirksey is also well-in on the joke, and is not ‘too big’ to enjoy the bizarre bug:







No matter your size or shape, you can get your hands on Madden 15 on Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, as the game released on August 26th. If you already own Madden, enjoy the glitch before it is inevitably, and disappointingly, rectified.


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