Borderlands prequel rumored


A pre-sequel, if you will

GamePointsNow might have scooped detail of the next Borderlands title, a ‘Pre-sequel’ which sits in the five year gap between the first and second games.

We’re not entirely convinced by the report, for one it claims that the new game will target Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, while recent comments from Randy Pitchford have suggested their new title is a next-gen product.

The GamePointsNow article states that the new game is set on the moon of Elpis, the home of the H-shaped Hyperion moon base, with players serving as lieutenants to a computer programmer known only as “John” while he searches for an alien artifact. John will allegedly go on to become Handsome Jack at some point during or after the new game, setting the story up for the second in the series. The line-up of characters available for play all come from existing Borderlands storylines and include Athena the Gladiator, a melee character originally seen in the General Knoxx DLC; Wilhelm the Enforcer, wielding a shoulder launcher and drones, and who will presumably become the psychotic loader from Borderlands 2; Nisha the Lawbringer, who may be connected to Jack’s girlfriend, the Sheriff of Lynchwood and Fragtrap, a ‘militarised claptrap’.

Two new weapon types are rumored for inclusion by the article, laser weapons and cryo guns, a strange addition, considering their total absence only a couple of years later. Oh, and the low gravity of Elpis and lack of atmosphere will also apparently be a factor, requiring the use of jetpacks and oxygen supplies.

So, what do we call this? Borderlands 3? Borderlands 1.5? Total waffle? Jet packs and laser guns puts it over the edge for us, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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