Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, yes, the chap who does those hilariously cutting and occasionally brutal game reviews on Zero Punctuation, has been working on an interesting little freeware game.

The Consuming Shadow is ‘a Lovecraftian themed survival horror roguelike’ which pits players against a creature-infested country plunged into mysterious darkness. Players have 72 hours to travel from town to town, entering various randomly generated dungeons and collecting information about a banishment ritual which will prevent an ancient god from entering the world and ending all humanity.

Not that you can simply rock up and cast any old ritual, oh no – there are three possible gods which might be trying to cross over and you also need to work out which in that particular playthrough is the culprit. Cast the wrong ritual and it’s all for nought.

I like the sense of being a small thing up against massive odds, having to prepare yourself with the constant threat of your pursuer hanging over you. It occurred to me that that sort of gameplay would fit a Lovecraftian setting very well, and thus were the seeds planted for Consuming Shadow.

You can grab version (beta) over at his website , Yahtzee is looking for all or any feedback from players.

Have you downloaded The Consuming Shadow? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.