Putty’s back and boy does he look good

Finally, something exciting is happening on Friday...


Someone, pinch me, please. Putty – one of my childhood games from my Amiga days – is making a comeback.

It’s not just my rose-tinted specs at play here either, Putty was truly brilliant and scored some of the highest review scores of any game on the format.

This isn’t one of your buy-the-license to make-a-quick-buck deals either, oh no. System 3, developers of the classic, are celebrating 30 years in the biz and handling the revival of our favourite little amorphous blue blob themselves, which hopefully means he’s in safe hands.

From the trailer, the new Putty Squad game looks like a remaster rather than a re-imagining, which is a reassuring. They’ve added HD visuals and made some minor gameplay tweaks, but the core gameplay appears to remain intact. The developer is also promising additional levels available for download on a fortnightly basis.

My only cause for concern, and it’s slight, is that System 3 are planning to release seven formats simultaneously. That’s right, seven: PS Vita, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PC and PSN. When was the last time you saw something launch on such a diverse range of control schemes simultaneously without some sacrifice to one, or all?

We’ve only a few days until we find out though, Putty Squad debuts on the 29th November on all formats. Finally a reason to be look forward to Friday then ;-)